Clean Cars: Smart

The new Smart car has two seats and is only 2 ½ m long. Despite the car’s small size the doors open wide for good accessibility. The car is only designed to hold two people and is a great commuter car.


The car’s top can be electronically removed even when on the go. This is a very convenient feature and will be very attractive to potential buyers. Current models feature left-hand drive only. This isn’t a problem once you become accustomed to doing everything on the opposite side.

The Smart provides limited visibility but that shouldn’t pose a problem given the car’s small size. Buyers will have their choice between 3-cylinder engines and can expect adequate acceleration and power regardless of the engine that is selected.

The Smart is a practical car for commuting but it does have limitations. The car is not designed for comfort and the ride can be a little choppy at times. Its small size limits it to commuting. It isn’t practical for long journeys or for shopping or load lugging.

The Smart is appealing in many ways though. It’s fun, inexpensive and draws a lot of attention. It is an excellent commuter car for someone who can afford to have it on hand for short distance trips and another vehicle for longer trips that provides better load carrying capabilities.


The Smart will prove to be very economical to run. The car’s price will run somewhere between budget and premium depending on the level of specification that is selected. Insurance rates should be low as well.

The car provides adequate space for two passengers and a couple of shopping bags. That would about max-out the space and practicality of the Smart.

The car’s controls and instrumentation are of a decent quality. They are all logically located and functional. There isn’t anything too complicated or complex about the car’s controls.

The Smart does not score well as far as comfort is concerned. The car was designed to be an inexpensive mode of travel, and it was not designed for comfort. It delivers tolerable levels of comfort.


The car provides good access. Its doors open wide to provide a large aperture for passengers to slide into the car’s seats. The boot is also easily accessible and doesn’t pose any problems.

Parking could be a little tricky due to limited rear visibility, but due to the car’s small size and light steering the task is made a lot easier. The car’s side mirrors and ability to fit into even the smallest parking space make parking a breeze.

Life Style

The Smart is a six-speed, rear-wheel drive, two-seater. It is powered by a 3-cylinder engine and boasts a maximum speed of approximately 85mph. The car reaches 0-60mph in a little over 17 seconds.

This is definitely not a family car. With only two seats available the only practical use it could have is as a limited second vehicle to a family or as a commuter car.

This would be an excellent first car for buyers who could afford it. Running costs and insurance would be low and fuel economy would be excellent, not to mention that the Smart is easy to park.

There are some quality issues with the Smart. The car’s interior quality is cheap and feels cheap. Honda will need to improve some of these problems if the Smart is to be seriously considered by a vast number of buyers.

Security and safety

The car’s standard security features include remote central locking and an engine immoboliser. The Smart is not likely to fall victim to car thieves and this should be an adequate amount security.

The car’s safety features include stability control, ABS, EBD, fog lamps and side airbags.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio unit features a radio and cassette system. The unit provides adequate sound quality and can still be heard with the top down.

The Smart’s exterior design looks the most flattering in red. Red seems to suit the car’s quirky personality and draws plenty of attention to the unique, little two- seater.


The Smart provides fun, practical and economical city motoring. The Smart can fit into even the smallest of parking spaces or zip down even the most crowded city streets with ease. The space limitations may prove to be a big turn-off for many buyers, but for those who can afford it, the Smart is an excellent commuter car.

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